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The Wonders and Fascination Behind Glass Blowing in Butler County

The Wonders and Fascination Behind Glass Blowing in Butler County
The Wonders and Fascination Behind Glass Blowing in Butler County

If you say that the Glass Blowing Center in Pennsylvania is somewhere that has no trace of civilization, you wouldn’t be giving the centre the right amount of credit. The centre is in a place that is more remote than any other place in Pennsylvania other than the state parks. Going all the way to the centre is worth the time and effort it takes to get there. The art of making glass was one of the largest industries in western Pennsylvania. For the majority of the nineteenth century, the place most people went to in the United States for the manufacturing of glass was Pittsburgh. If you want to find out more information about its history, then you should visit the Beaver County Industrial Museum.

Over the years, there was less glass that was being manufactured in the entirety of Pennsylvania. In present times, Butler County’s Glass Blowing Center is still around to keep the glass blowing tradition of the region alive. But nowadays, they’re putting in more artistry than they did initially. Elaine and Tom Doner are operating the centre. The centre expands over an area three thousand square feet. It is made up of both an art gallery and a workshop.

What’s So Good About The Centre?

Every day, there are demonstrations of Tom making glass. Tom is self-taught in glass blowing, and he’s the resident artist of the centre. If you can ever witness one of Tom’s demonstrations, then make sure you enjoy it to the fullest. Tom won’t merely be a friendly adult when he sits at his workbench. He will suddenly turn into a seasoned artisan. He carefully handles the glass tubes in the fire as he creates lovely pieces of glass while explaining what he’s doing to onlookers.

The centre has a store where you can purchase products that were made in the centre. There are also pieces created by artisans from the locality and all over the nation in the store. There are a few hundred handmade glass pieces that are sorted by their subject. So it doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a pretty piece of jewellery, a Christmas ornament, a dragon, or a glass bird. You can find what you’re looking for in the centre. The shop has items for varying budgets, so if you can’t spend that much, you shouldn’t worry about it.

The store in the centre has a speciality in Pennsylvania Minnow Tubes. The purpose of Minnow Tubes was so that those who fished could use only one minnow for one whole day. They were designed in the early nineteenth century. It works by having a minnow inside of the small tube made of glass, which has hooks on the outside so that it can snag onto the other fish. The minnow tubes weren’t a success when they were first invented, but it’s becoming more of a collector’s item nowadays among fishers. Tom is the only person who is still making the minnow tubes by hand. Whether or not they’re effective at catching fish, the minnow tubes always look exquisite and beautiful. So if you ever want to visit Butler County’s Glass Blowing Center, you should be prepared for greatness. The place is worth the time and effort, and it is a hidden gem in the countryside.