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The Slippery Rock Adventure in Butler County

The township of Slippery Rock is a small, homey town with a population of about 6,000 people. It is located in Butler County, Pennsylvania if you take route 108 via the I-79. Entering the town, you would be greeted by a pair of natural rock waterfalls that flanks the town’s welcoming sign.

Visitors can choose from several lodgings available in the vicinity. There is the Fairfield Inn and Suites for your modern taste and needs. For more luxurious accommodations, there is the Creek View Manor which has an overlooking view of the Slippery Rock Creek. For those looking for a more historic feel, there is the Applebutter Inn which comes all the way from 1844 with their rooms decorated in period antique furniture.

Although Slippery Rock is a small town, there are a lot of exciting places to visit and fun activities to do when you visit. Whether you are just walking around or driving through, there will be an enjoyable adventure waiting for you in Slippery Rock.

The Walking Route

Parking is available near the twin waterfalls located in the township’s welcoming sign. If you stop there, you would be able to admire the 12-foot high water sculpture and a huge mural that tells the story of how Slippery Rock was named. As you walk along the picturesque route towards the town’s main street, you can also leave a message to the locals or fellow tourists on a chalkboard.

The town’s Main Street features some very important buildings. One of these is the Slippery Rock Community Library where you can check out their reading programs and other book collection. Another is the North Country Brewing Company, a historic building that has been laid down in the town’s Main Sreet since 1805. Here the Company brews sugar-free, handcrafted beers along with a menu that celebrates Pennsylvania delicacies such as homemade desserts and wines.

Leaving the Main Street, you can go on to Morrow Way where the Slippery Rock University is located. There is parking available on campus, and you can get a visitor’s pass from the campus police so you can explore the university. They have a disc golf course, a park, auditorium, stadium, and an art gallery museum in addition to the student center, which is filled with shops that students frequent.

The Driving Route

Going through the town while driving will also take you to amazing places, and most of them have a deep connection with the environment, the outdoors, and rural life. For one, there are several places dedicated to wildlife like The Birdwatchers Store where you can buy everything that a bird lover could ask for such as birdhouses, seeds, and feed. You can go to WestPark Alpacas to visit their alpaca farms or to Armco Park to have a picnic and enjoy the playgrounds and horseshoe pits.

There are several educational places to visit, as well. One is the Jennings Environmental Education Center, where they have a variety of educational programs along with a landscape of forest and prairie. Another is DR Distillery where aside from buying handcrafted whiskey and rum, you can also learn about how they are made with age-old techniques passed through generations. There is the Old Stone House which dates back to 1822. It serves as a rural life museum and an inn.