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The Historical Covered Bridges of Pennsylvania

The Historical Covered Bridges of Pennsylvania
The Historical Covered Bridges of Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania, the state known for its historic covered bridges, is home to more than 200 beautiful covered bridges. These bridges are scattered all around the different counties of the state. More than half of the counties have at least one covered Bridge. The journey to explore all the covered bridges can take you to the most untouched and beautiful corners of Pennsylvania. Some of the bridges are located in the places that most people wouldn’t visit otherwise. These unexplored locations act as the cherry on top, on the journey of finding covered bridges.

Declining numbers of covered bridges

The state had more than 1500 covered bridges at one point of time, but the number has come down to around 200 today. There are several reasons for this considerable decline in the number of covered bridges. The fire has been the main culprit in destroying these bridges. Other than fire, other natural disasters like floods have also caused this decline. Advanced technology and the failure of covered bridges to keep up with modern requirements have also contributed to the destruction of many covered bridges. If you don’t have enough resources to check out all the covered bridges in Pennsylvania, and still want to explore some of them. Here some of the counties which have the most number of covered bridges.

Lancaster County

No other county in Pennsylvania has as many bridges as Lancaster has. Lancaster is home to around 30 historic covered bridges. Lancaster is one of the most beautiful counties to explore in Pennsylvania. A covered bridges exploration journey through this county will take to the places that you’ve never heard of, and are truly magical. Also, if you’re a history geek or an architecture lover, you should check out the covered bridges in Lancaster.

Bucks and Somerset Counties

Bucks County is known for having the most beautiful covered bridges in Pennsylvania. If you don’t have much time on your hands and can explore one county in Pennsylvania for covered bridges, you should go for Bucks County. Another good thing about covered bridges in Bucks is that the surrounding areas of most bridges have some beautiful retro buildings and incredible views. Somerset has ten historic covered bridges. The famous Packsaddle Bridge is also among the ten bridges that Somerset has. Packsaddle Bridge has an incredible natural waterfall underneath it. Many covered bridge lovers regard Packsaddle Bridge as the most beautiful covered Bridge in the United States.

Lawrence  and Adams Counties

Lawrence has not made it to this list because of the number of covered bridges it has, but because of the sheer beauty of the bridges. It is home to only two of the historic covered bridges. One of those bridges is McConnell’s Mills Bridge, arguably one of the top three most beautiful bridges in Pennsylvania. Adams County is home to the most historical covered Bridge in Pennsylvania. Sach’s Bridge was part of the famous Gettysburg battle. Other than this historic Bridge, Adams County also has three more covered bridges.