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Seven Strange Events in Pennsylvania You Should Visit

If you’re up for a strange and quirky holiday, try adding Pennsylvania to your itinerary. Not only is the state home to tons of popular attractions, but it also has a rich and unique culture. With the hundreds of annual festivals this place has, you are bound to come across something that appeals to your sense of the strange. Here are seven of the weirdest events and places in Pennsylvania you won’t want to miss.

1. Pittston Tomato Festival

There are lots of food-based festivals across the state, but what makes the Pittston Tomato Festival different is that they don’t honor the tomatoes, they throw them. With rotten tomatoes in hand, 150 people assemble together in a local parking lot and hurl the smelly, gooey tomatoes at each other. It may be messy, but it sure is fun.

2. Bastille Day

The yearly celebration of Bastille Day in July revolves around some insanely fun water gun fights, people dressed up as 18th-century French aristocrats, and the “queen” tossing some Tastykakes at practically everybody. And the best part? You get to do all this while inside the very creepy Eastern State Penitentiary. Of course, there are live performances, some French food everywhere, and not to mention tours around the old prison. Bastille Day is a festival worth experiencing.

3. Mushroom Festival

With over 100,000 people flocking to the rather peaceful town of Kennett Square, its yearly Mushroom Festival held every September is a sight to behold. There is a handful of entertainment hosted – carnivals, cook-offs, soup events – all in honor of the great mushroom.

4. Wawa Hoagie Day

A cold sandwich stuffed with cheese, deli meat, and some veggies, make up what Philadelphians call the hoagie. Every Independence Day weekend, a picnic featuring five tons of hoagies is hosted at the Independence Mall, alongside some musical guests, a hoagie exhibit, and a complimentary whole-day admission to the National Constitution Center.

5. Groundhog Day

The 130-year old Punxsutawney Phil, the famous and beloved groundhog who can accurately predict the weather, has made its name known around the world and surprisingly, even has a festival named after itself. Organizers of the said event have claimed that Phil’s predictions have never been wrong.

6. Pizza Brain

Any pizza lover young or old will surely enjoy the world’s first pizza culture museum and shop at Philadelphia, the ever-famous Pizza Brain. Proudly displaying over 550 pizza-related pieces, which eventually gained a spot in the Guinness World Record, locals and tourists alike will definitely be filled, not only with pizza education but also with the shop’s delectable oven-fresh pizzas.

7. Kraynak’s Easter Bunny Lane

Spring will not be complete in Pennsylvania without a walk through the famous Kraynak’s Easter Bunny Lane, which is approximately 300-foot long. Accommodating tourists since 1963, the lane is covered with the first blossoms of spring, alongside some light-covered trees and animated figures that kids will surely love. Tag your whole family along this wacky attraction which is absolutely free of charge!