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The Top Five Places to Visit In Pennsylvania

Not many places can boast of being the cradle of the nation like Philadelphia. It has a long history of culture and iconic events that have happened on its soil. Curious to find out more? This article will tell you the top five places in Philadelphia that you need to visit. Philadelphia Philadelphia tops most […]

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Seven Strange Events in Pennsylvania You Should Visit

If you’re up for a strange and quirky holiday, try adding Pennsylvania to your itinerary. Not only is the state home to tons of popular attractions, but it also has a rich and unique culture. With the hundreds of annual festivals this place has, you are bound to come across something that appeals to your […]

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The Best Attractions in Saxonburg

Saxonburg, Pennsylvania is a borough that’s over 150 years old. Its current role is a peaceful and friendly area that attracts visitors with a love of Pennsylvania history and a slower paced lifestyle. The area is a registered historic district and many of its buildings date back to the founding of the town. Saxonburg’s founder […]

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Philadelphia Foods You Must Try

Philadelphians take their food very seriously, especially when it comes to their staples. People travel from near and far to get their hands on some of Philadelphia’s most iconic, tastiest foods. Even though the cheesesteak and hoagie originated in Philly, of course, you can get them in other places. However, they are only served right […]

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The Settlement of Western Pennsylvania

At the time of the Treaty of William Penn in 1683, Pennsylvania was frontier land. Occupied by the Native Americans and the French, it was also supposedly held by a number of European colonizers. Penn’s agreement meant that the tribes in the area would live in peace with him and those he brought to this […]

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