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The Founder of Saxonburg, John Roebling

John Roebling, the founder of Saxonburg, Pennsylvania, was a pioneer in more ways than one. Many people in architecture and engineering know him for his work on the design of suspension bridges. He came from Europe and founded a town but would later become a celebrated engineer. Keep reading for a look into the life […]

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The History of Saxonburg, Pennsylvania

Though it’s a small borough of 1,600 residents, Saxonburg, Pennsylvania is rich in history. Its story is one that has a lot in common with small towns all over the country. Keep reading to find out more. The founding of Saxonburg in the 1800s The roots of Saxonburg are Germanic, and in fact, its first […]

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The Best Local Events in Saxonburg, Pennsylvania

The picturesque little town of Saxonburg is easily reachable from Pittsburgh. It offers a rich mix of history, culture and old-world style for any visitor. Despite its small size, there’s plenty to do. Read on for the best local events in Saxonburg, Pennsylvania. Mingle on Main Street The family-friendly local event Mingle on Main Street […]

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